How Should You Behave When on TV?


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Your behavior on television should be as edited as behavior while giving a business presentation to potential clients. Stay focused, and pay attention to instructions, comments and questions from interviewers and the production crew. Most of all, be credible and personable.

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Unless you’re a cheering football fan caught on camera, your behavior on television should be sedate and professional. For most people, this means using business manners. Whether you’re there to make a pitch for a charity or you’re being interviewed about something topical, you represent other people with a vested interested in your helping them look good. Relax and be natural, and try to remember to speak slowly and clearly. This is specially important when a show is taped live.

A television set is a noisy, often crowded place. Listen carefully about where to stand to stay out of the way. Because studio lights are very bright, be prepared to have your hair and makeup touched up. Expect to be moved around while the cameras are set up to tape you. Be patient, and make sure to ask questions when you don’t understand what you’ve been told.

Taking care of yourself prior to taping helps you focus and put your best foot forward. For instance, to look and feel your best, try to get a good night’s sleep, and stay hydrated. Be sure to follow the producer’s instructions about what colors and styles of clothing to wear.

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