How Should You Apply Makeup for Photos?


Applying makeup for any purpose is a matter of personal taste. However, adhering to certain tips makes for more distinct facial features in photos.

  1. Prepare the skin

    Start by washing with a deep-cleaning cleanser, and apply an oil-free moisturizer over the face and neck. Choose a primer to minimize pores and create a smooth surface for makeup application.

  2. Apply foundation and concealer

    Using a concealer brush, apply a corrector as needed. Use a green-based corrector for blemishes and other redness. Use a corrector in your skin tone for dark circles under the eyes. With a foundation brush, apply foundation over the whole face and over the jaw line. Touch up with concealer as needed. Set with a loose powder.

  3. Contour the cheekbones

    Photos wash out color, so it is necessary to apply more color than usual in makeup for photography. Contour the cheeks by starting with a bronzer or a dark cheek color. Use a blush brush to apply the darker color under the cheekbones, blending down. Clean the brush, and use it to apply the usual cheek color along the cheekbone. Use a smaller brush to highlight the apex.

  4. Complement the eyes

    Rather than create a dramatic eye shadow style, such as the smoky eye or the cat eye, opt for a contoured look with complementary shades. Apply a neutral color from brow bone to lash line. Use a blending brush to swipe a medium-dark color into the crease. Clean the brush and use it to apply a shadow in a complementary color for the eyes. Use an angled brush to apply highlighter on the brow bone and the inner corner of the eye. Finish by using an eyelash curler, then apply two coats of mascara.