What Are Some Short Sweet Love Poems?


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Examples of short love poems include "Idle Dreams," by Joanna Fuchs and "Without Warning," by Sappho. Another example is "Everytime I Kiss You," by Nizar Qabbani.

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"Idle Dreams" is a short love poem that depicts a woman daydreaming of her perfect love and how she feels after his arrival. Joanna Fuchs has written other short love poems such as "I Never Knew" and "Love Time." The poem "I Never Knew" is about not knowing what happiness is until one falls in love. "Love Time" is a poem that describes how someone wants to spend all the time in the world with his or her lover.

"Without Warning" is a short poem about how love arrives suddenly. Sappho was a Greek poet born sometime between 630 and 612 B.C. She was included in the Alexandrian list of lyric poets, but little else is known about her life, as of 2015. The majority of her poetry has been lost. However, surviving fragments remain that maintain her elevated reputation.

"Everytime I Kiss You," is a sweet poem about kissing a lover after being apart for a long time. Qabbani was a poet as well as a Syrian diplomat during the 20th century. His poetry revolves around themes of love, eroticism, religion and feminism.

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