What Is a Short Summary of "Fifty Shades of Grey"?

"Fifty Shades of Grey" is about a college student named Anastasia Steele and her romantic and sexual relationship with billionaire Christian Grey. There are many explicit sex scenes in the book, and it is the first part of a trilogy.

In the book, Ana goes to interview Christian right before her college graduation. She is covering for her roommate who is supposed to interview him because he is CEO of Greys Enterprise Holdings, donates money to the university, and is to hand out the diplomas at graduation. Ana feels embarrassed about the interview but is also attracted to Christian. A few days later, Christian shows up at Ana's job, and they set up a photo shoot for the article. After the photo shoot, Christian asks Ana on a date.

They get to know each other on their date, but Christian then rejects Ana, telling her to stay away from him, which upsets Ana. However, he then sends her a very expensive gift. Ana drunkenly calls him to ask why he sent her the gift, and he picks her up at the bar. She spends the night in Christian's hotel room, and they go on a date the next night, at which time Christian asks Ana to sign a nondisclosure agreement. He explains that he wants a BDSM relationship in which he will be the dominant and she will be his submissive.

Ana explains that she is a virgin, and they have what Christian calls vanilla sex several times. Anna is uncomfortable with the contract, and Christian tries to convince her to agree, and sends her expensive gifts. They then repeatedly engage in various acts of sexual dominance and meet each other's families. Finally, after too much punishment in one of their sexual encounters, the first book ends with Ana leaving Christian and returning the gifts.