What Short Stories Has Ruskin Bond Written?

What Short Stories Has Ruskin Bond Written?

Ruskin Bond has written over 500 short stories, published in collections such as "The Night Train at Deoli," "Time Stops at Shamli" and "Secrets." Vishal Bhardwaj adapted Bond's famous short story, ?Susanna?s Seven Husbands,? into the 2011 film "7 Khoon Maaf."

Born in India in the 1930s, award-winning author Ruskin Bond lives and works in Landour near Mussoorie, India. His short stories, poems, novels and essays chronicle the lives of people living in remote Indian towns and villages.

One of Bond's well-known collections, "The Night Train at Deoli," contains tales of love and loss affecting the lives of people in the hill country of Garhwal. Short stories include "The Woman on Platform 8," "The Thief" and "The Neighbour's Wife."

"Falling in Love Again: Stories of Love and Romance" contains two of Bond's classic short stories: "The Eyes Have It" and "The Girl from Copenhagen." "Potpourri" is a collection of Bond's stories based on his life in Mussoorie, with themes ranging from romance and humour to crime and horror. Chilling short stories include "Eyes of the Cat" and "Face in the Dark."

Bond's recent collection of short stories, "Secrets," recounts the lives of the inhabitants of 1940s Dehadran, as seen through the eyes of the younger Bond. According to the Times of India, stories such as "The Canal" show the darker side of human nature.