What Are Some Short Stories by Rabindranath Tagore in Hindi?

There are no original short stories in Hindi by Rabindranath Tagore, as Tagore wrote all his short stories in his native language of Bengali. However, many of his short stories have been translated into Hindi and even adapted for Hindi films. One of his Hindi short story collections is Ravindra Katha, translated into Hindi by Shankardev Vidyalancar and first published in 1981.

Rabindranath Tagore's short stories deal with the lives of common people and confront social concerns such as poverty, arranged marriages and the caste system. He wrote many of them while living on a houseboat on the Ganges River in close contact with local villagers as he managed his family's estate in the area.

Though Tagore is considered to be one of the literary pioneers of the modern Bengali short story, he is best known for his poetry. In 1913, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature, primarily for his poetry collection Gitanjali, or Song Offerings. Recommended by William Butler Yeats, who was overwhelmed by Tagore's poetry, he became the first non-European to win the Nobel Prize for literature. He was awarded a knighthood in 1915, but in 1919 he repudiated the knighthood due to the Amritsar massacre. In his later life, he traveled widely, lecturing and meeting many famous people.