What Are Some Short Stories on Bullying?

Bullying is an age-old practice, and there are many stories that exist on the subject, all emphasizing lots of different points. Some stories are more appropriate than others depending on the situation and the age of the reader. If looking for bullying stories, searching for them on the Internet yields a wealth of resources.

One story, titled "The Bully," by Rodger Dean Kiser, puts the author as the central character and victim. This story recounts an encounter years after the bullying took place and shows the power of forgiveness.

The website for Stamp Out Bullying offers many stories, told by both the bully and the bullied. Some show the very deep depression experienced by the victims of bullying. If a person intends to have a child read these, he may want to monitor the child closely.

"The Bully: a short story" is by Christian writer Graham Pockett. This story is a bit wordy and more violent, depicting physical bullying. It emphasizes being assertive and standing up, though it does this through bluffing, and then equates the situation with another 40 years later. Beyond the emphasis on assertiveness, this story shows how small the situation can be in comparison to the ones faced in the future.