What Are Some Short and Simple Bible Stories for Kids?


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Short and simple Bible stories for kids include Daniel and the lions, David and Goliath, and Samson's battles with the Philistines. Many characters, such as David and Samson, had lives that can be told as several short stories.

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The story of Daniel in the lion den begins with King Darius, giving Daniel a country to rule. The other servants become jealous and trick Darius into making a law that no one can pray to anyone but the king. When Daniel keeps praying to God, Darius has him thrown in a lion's den. Daniel stays there one night, but God protects him. After letting him go, Darius commands everyone to respect God.

In David and Goliath, the Israelites have confrontations with the Philistines. Some Philistines are giants, including Goliath, who is the largest. Goliath continually challenges the Israelites to face him, with the loser's people becoming slaves for the winner's. David, a boy, accepts his challenge, to the giant's amusement. When Goliath charges at David, the boy fires a rock from a slingshot, hitting Goliath in the head and defeating him.

A messenger of God instructs Samson's parents never to cut his hair. As long as his hair remains uncut, he can channel the power of God for strength. He uses this strength to defeat the Philistines in battle many times.

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