What Are Some Short Poems by Maya Angelou?


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Some short poems by Maya Angelou include "Touched By An Angel" and "Old Folks Laugh." Other Maya Angelou poems include "Still I Rise", "When You Come" and "The Lesson."

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Maya Angelou's short poem titled "Touched By An Angel" tells of her thoughts on how love affects people. She claims that people live in shells of loneliness until they find love. She also says that if people act boldly, then love helps them to be brave and fearless. Angelou ends the poem by proclaiming that love costs people everything, but at the same time, it is the only thing that is truly free.

In the poem "Old Folks Laugh", Maya Angelou says that old people free the world by laughing. She describes how old people laugh contentedly without caring about their wrinkles or the saliva at the corners of their lips. Angelou explains that old people forgive life for happening to them because they await a painless death.

"The Lesson" by Maya Angelou at first seems to start out with a negative tone; however, as the poem ends, the tone shifts to show that the poem had a positive side all along. At the beginning, Angelou says that she dies repeatedly and that her struggles are etched into the lines on her face. She describes details such as her collapsing veins and decaying flesh; however, the last few lines of the poem reveal that she keeps dying due to her love of living.

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