What Are Some Short Poems About Daughters and Mothers?


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As of 2015, some short poems about daughters and mothers include "This Angel to Whom I Was Given" by Megan Cummings and "For Mama" by Nikkia Roberts. "Precious Gift" by Sherri Lawrence and "Daughter" by Casarah Nance are some other popular short poems of the same genre.

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"This Angel to Whom I Was Given" by Megan Cummings is a poem written about a mother from her daughter's perspective. The poem speaks to the mother's selflessness and generous, loving spirit. Similarly, "For Mama" by Nikkia Roberts is written from the daughter's perspective. The poem illustrates the differences the daughter feels about her own personality and that of her mother. The author feels her mother is a dreamer with her head in the clouds and in contrast, she is more down to earth and hardworking.

"Precious Gift" by Sherri Lawrence is a poem written from a mother to her daughter. The author writes about her daughter's beauty and innocence, how much she cherishes her existence in her life and how she strives to be the best mother she can be. "Daughter" by Casarah Nance is another poem from the mother's perspective. The poem begins and ends with a sing-song rhyme and illustrates the youth of the daughter as well as the struggles faced by the mother as her daughter grows older.

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