What Are Some Short Poems About Breast Cancer?

What Are Some Short Poems About Breast Cancer?

There is a poem called "Judgment Call" by Lois Tschetter Hjelmstad found in "Fine Black Lines: reflections on facing cancer, fear and loneliness," notes Oncolink. A poem entitled, "Illness Is," by Anne Silver, may be found in "Bare Root, a poet's journey with breast cancer." "Reminiscence," by Ruth Molly James, appears in "The Cancer Poetry Project," edited by Karin B. Miller.

Poems dealing with breast cancer may be divided into four categories, as found on Oncolink. Some poems are about diagnosis, some about treatment, others convey feelings connected with recuperation, and yet others speak of recovery.

The poem by Anne Silver is composed of three very short lines (the second one having only one word,) and could be considered obscure. It deals with feelings about diagnosis.

"Reminiscence," by James, fits somewhat neatly into the category of treatment. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are mentioned, yet near the poem's end the author speaks of recovering. The poem has some structure to it, although there is no official rhyming except just one incidental case. It is a poignant piece of verse, raising the subject of feelings that develop in patients for those who treat them.

Tchetter Hjelmstad's "Judgment Call" concerns itself with what recovery means in terms of expending one's energy. The underlying theme is that life is not everlasting.