What Are Some Short Moral Stories for Kids?


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Aesop's Fables are short, kid-friendly stories that offer a moral. For example, "Two Travelers and a Bear" shows that true friendship is tested in hard times. "The Flies and the Honey" discourages readers from letting greed or love of pleasure lead to misfortune.

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In "Two Travelers and a Bear," two men are journeying through a forest when they encounter a huge bear. One man behaves selfishly by abandoning his friend to climb a tree, while the other lies down and plays dead. Before leaving, the bear whispers to the man on the ground that it is unwise to keep company with someone who abandons a friend in danger.

In "The Flies and the Honey," a group of flies finds a jar of spilled honey and carelessly feasts upon it. Their bodies and wings become too sticky to move, resulting in their deaths.

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