What Is the Best Short Love Poem?


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While people's versions of the "best" poem differ, the Academy of American Poets and The Telegraph agree that several prominent love poems rise above the rest. These include "She Walks in Beauty" by Lord Byron and "The Look" by Sara Teasdale.

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In "She Walks in Beauty," Byron speaks poetically about the current object of his affection. In the poem, he describes the woman as, above all, beautiful. He elaborates on her raven hair, her serene face and her unsurpassed smile. By the poem's end, readers are certain not only that the woman about whom he wrote in three stanzas is stunning, but also that he is utterly enamored with her, both as a result of her physical beauty and her grace.

Sara Teasdale's petite poem, "The Look," tells a simple tale of love between the author and three separate suitors. In Teasdale's piece, she tells of three boys, two of whom kissed her and one who chose instead only to look into her eyes. In the second stanza, which concludes the poem, Teasdale speaks of the faults of the other two suitors and states that Colin, the boy who choose not to kiss her, was the one about whom she couldn't stop thinking.

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