What Is the Short Film "Six" About?


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"Six" is a 2004 horror film depicting events that occurred on the birthday of the film's protagonist, Fai, played by Intira Charoenpura. The film takes place predominately in an abandoned mansion, which sets the stage for a series of supernatural events.

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"Six" features a young woman named Fai, who shared a mysterious and often unlucky connection with the number six. The movie takes place on the day of her 24th birthday, with the two and four equaling six.. Fai and five of her friends travel to an abandoned mansion despite Fai's friend Ong's warnings of ominous signs.

One example of these signs is when Ong notices that the Snake star, generally regarded to be unlucky, has risen despite it being the rainy season, during which the sign is rarely seen. Despite this and other omens, the six friends proceed to the mansion where they encounter a series of perilous supernatural events. A driving plot point in the film is frequent reference to six coffins which are rumored to reside somewhere in the castle.

The film was among director Nasorn Panungkasiri's earlier major releases and received little attention outside his native Thailand. Since "Six," Panungkasiri has released "In the Shadow of Naga" in 2010, and "The Movie Four" in 2011; both movies belong to the Thriller/Horror genre.

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