What Is a Short Biography About Mermaid Melissa?


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Mermaid Melissa grew up in Saint Augustine, Florida, where she began surfing. This grew into a desire to transition into an aquatic career. At age 12, after spending so much time in the pool, Mermaid Melissa realized that she could hold her breath under water for over two minutes.

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Mermaid Melissa made it her goal to find a way to stay submersed as long as possible and decided to pursue free diving throughout her teen years and into adulthood. During this time, Mermaid Melissa moved to Orlando, Florida, and began modeling and acting for companies like The Disney Cruise Line. At 15, Mermaid Melissa began working at Universal Studios working with the Animal Actor show team, which eventually led to an opportunity to become an animal trainer.

In 2005, Mermaid Melissa finished her scuba courses and became certified to dive in open water. She began work as a professional diver and also expanded her breath capacity to stay underwater for up to five minutes. In addition to her diving work, Mermaid Melissa began working with marine mammals and learning more about conservation work. She combined her many pursuits into an entertaining and educational message that allowed her to become a mermaid for hire. Her message is to save the oceans and the many animals who live in it.

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