What Is a Short Biography of Elisabetta Dami?

Elisabetta Dami is an author of children's books. Many of her books tell stories about a character named Geronimo Stilton, a mouse who lives on Mouse Island. Her other books focus on a character called Thea Stilton, Geronimo's sister.

Dami published the first Geronimo Stilton book, "Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye," in 2000. In the early books of the series, the publisher listed Geronimo Stilton as the copyright holder. As of 2016, she has published over 100 books featuring Geronimo Stilton and other characters. The intended audience for these books are children between the ages of 6 and 12. These books are popular worldwide, and the Scholastic Corporation publishes them in the United States.

Dami, born in Milan in 1958, began writing at 18. At the time, she worked as a proofreader at her family's publishing company, Dami Editore, and she later went to work at another publishing company, Edizioni Piemme. She also spent time volunteering to help sick children. Her volunteer work inspired her to write children's stories, which Edizioni Piemme published. The success of her Geronimo Stilton books led to the creation of a television show, a musical theater show and graphic novels based on her stories.