What Is a Short Bio of Wayne Carini?

Wayne Carini is the star of the television show Chasing Classic Cars. He was first enamored by exotic vehicles at the early age of nine, when he had his first opportunity to ride in a 1960 Ferrari Rosso Chiaro 250 SWB. His passion for cars has guided his career.

Carini mentored under Francois Sicard, former Ferrari racing mechanic and expert, to hone his Ferrari restoration skills. Since that time, Carini has become the owner and operator of several companies, including F40 Motorsports, a buyer and seller of vintage and classic autos; Continental Auto Ltd., a body shop that specializes in high-end and exotic body repair; and Carini Carozzeria, his restoration shop. Carini devotes most of his time to Carini Carozzeria, which allows him to indulge his passion for restoring cars to perfection. Conversely, his personal preference is for unrestored, original cars. These cars are a category unto themselves, the "preservation class," and considered an elitist hobby that is featured on some of the most prestigious platforms around the world.

Wayne Carini lives in rural Connecticut with his two daughters and his wife of more than 20 years. His youngest daughter was diagnosed with autism at a young age, and Carini is an avid supporter of autism research and awareness through the many car-related events he sponsors.