What Are Some of Shirley Temple's Movies?

Some of the best known movies that starred child actress Shirley Temple are "Little Miss Marker," "Bright Eyes" and "Curly Top." Other popular Shirley Temple movies include "The Littlest Colonel" and "The Little Princess."

"Little Miss Marker" premiered in 1934 when Shirley Temple was six years old. It was her first starring role in a film. The story follows Temple as "Marky," who gets placed as a "marker," or collateral, by her father for a bet with gangsters. Marky's father commits suicide and Marky winds up in the care of one of the gangsters and his girlfriend. The film was a major success, proving that Temple was box office gold. Also in 1934, Shirley Temple starred in "Bright Eyes," the first film written specifically for her. She performs one of her most famous musical numbers, "On the Good Ship Lollipop," in this film.

The 1935 film "Curly Top," was another major success, and featured Shirley Temple singing "Animal Crackers in My Soup." The film was listed as one of the top movies of 1935.

"The Littlest Colonel" was one of four movies Temple filmed with co-star Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, famous in his own right. Temple's iconic dance with Robinson on a staircase was the first interracial duo dance scene on film.

"The Little Princess" premiered in 1939 when Temple was nine years old. Based on the 1905 novel, "A Little Princess," it was one of Temple's last big hits as a child star.