What Are Some Facts About Shepard Smith's Personal Life?

Some facts about TV news anchor Shepard Smith's personal life include that Smith married Virginia Donald in 1987, and the couple divorced six years later. The two attended the University of Mississippi together. Smith's mother taught English, and his father was a cotton merchant. Smith lived in Florida during his childhood after his parents separated. He began his television career in Panama City, Florida.

Smith began working at Fox News in 1996. As of November 2015, he is the managing editor of the news division at Fox News and the host of the "Studio B" program that airs each weekday. Smith used to host the evening show "The Fox Report."

Controversy surrounds Smith's sexuality, and many people speculate that Smith wants to publicly identify as gay. Outlets such as the Los Angeles Times and Philadelphia Magazine reported that Smith brought his boyfriend to Fox News' Fourth of July company party in 2014. The Los Angeles Times also reported that Fox News denied this ever happened, and stated that Smith was on vacation in South Carolina at the time of the party. Fox News executive Roger Ailes stated that Smith has not come out as gay because Smith cannot honestly say that he is gay.