What Is the Setting of the Herman Hesse Book "Siddhartha"?


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The book "Siddhartha" by Hermann Hesse takes place in ancient India. It tells the story of a boy and his friend setting out on a path to seek spiritual enlightenment.

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Siddhartha and his friend, Govinda, are dissatisfied with the religion of their upbringing. As a result, they spend their entire lives traveling the countryside of Western Asia looking for fulfillment in different religions. They ultimately find something lacking in every lifestyle they adopt. Siddhartha eventually finds inner peace working on the river.

As a young German boy, Hesse's family pressured him to join the Lutheran clergy. Despite the fact that he did not continue on this path, he acquired a keen interest in philosophy and religion. After moving away as an adult, he took frequent trips to Asia and the Middle East to study the religions practiced there. What he learned influenced much of his writing, including "Siddhartha."

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