What Is the Setting of the "Most Dangerous Game"?

setting-dangerous-game Credit: Christina Xu/CC-BY-2.0

The setting of "The Most Dangerous Game" is in the Caribbean on both a Brazil-bound yacht as well as a dangerous and mysterious Caribbean island. The action of the short story takes place soon after World War I.

Richard Edward Connell is the writer of "The Most Dangerous Game" and lived from 1893 to 1949. He loved writing and began in childhood. By the time he was 16, he had become the editor for his local newspaper, which was called "The Poughkeepsie News-Press." He began writing freelance work in 1919. He has published four novels, four collections of short stories, a large number of Hollywood screenplays and thousands of articles for local newspapers.

"The Most Dangerous Game" was published by Connell in 1924. It was his greatest success and won the O. Henry Memorial Award. The short story was both suspenseful and adventurous, so both critics and regular readers loved it. It had all of the elements of a menacing atmosphere and fast-paced escapism as well as mystery, grotesque and horror elements. The story has twice been adapted into a radio drama and was also made into a film. The short story is often a required reading assignment in many textbooks. Connell continued writing until his death and published more than 300 short stories, which include other favorites such as "A Friend of Napoleon," "Big Lord Fauntleroy," "Ssssssshhh," and "Hero of the Devil's Kitchen."