How Do You Set up a Slingbox?


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Set up the Slingbox up by connecting it to an Internet connection, linking it with a cable service and television, and using a computer, tablet or smartphone to view content. The television signal goes from the set-top box through the Slingbox to devices around the world. It is possible to watch both live and recorded television programs with a Slingbox.

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The Slingbox is ideal for individuals who are often out of the house but still want to keep up with their favorite television shows, local news or live sports events. This device also makes it possible to view local television channels while traveling to other countries.

Slingbox applications are available for Android and Apple phones and tablets. There are also applications for desktops or laptops that run Windows or Apple operating systems. Use these applications to set up the Slingbox and watch television on specific devices.

As of 2016, Sling Media offers the Slingbox M2 and the Slingbox 500 for watching television and managing DVR recordings. The Slingbox 500 has all the features of the M2, along with applications for Blockbuster and YouTube. There are no monthly or yearly fees associated these products, and both come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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