How Do You Set Out a Building?

To set out a building, establish the layout of the building on the site. Stake out the corners of the building and use rope between each stake. If the building is very large or a complex shape, grid it out using stakes and ropes in smaller rectangles or squares. Then do the same thing for the inner profile of the building's walls in order to accurately pour the foundation.

Setting out a building is the first stage of construction at a new site and is used to mark where the foundation trenches will be dug and the position of the walls on the concrete foundation. When setting out a building, it is very important to make sure all the measurements are exact. Do this by using the buildings plans. Study them and find fixed points to use as measurements.

In order to find the center dig, measure half the thickness of the proposed wall along its inside profile and mark it with a nail. Use an upright level and a straight edge to mark the ground for the foundation digger to work with. It is important to never rush this stage as it would cause numerous problems later on in the build.