What Does "set" Mean in Square Dancing?


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The term "set" in square dancing refers to the position that couples form for the dance. The common set formation is the four-couple square set. "Running set" and "big set" are terms also used in square dancing.

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Square dancing is always performed in a set formation. The type of set is determined by the group or organization.

A square set is most common and is composed of four couples facing each other. A caller announces the movements to be performed within the set. The dancers perform the moves across the set.

The terms "running set" and "big set" are interchangeable. The running/big set differs from the square set as the formation and dance action vary. A running/big set is performed in a round formation. The round formation can comprise four couples or more. Some regions have a square variation for the running set. The running/big set dance action goes around instead of across the set.

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