What Set of Famous Works Did Michelangelo Create All of Except One?

Two of the "Three Pietas" were created by Michelangelo, but the third was completed by Tiberio Calcagni. Michelangelo intended this Pieta, entitled "The Deposition," to decorate his own grave.

A Pieta is an artwork featuring a biblical figure, usually Mary, holding the body of Christ. "The Pieta," the first of three sculptures by Michelangelo collectively called "The Three Pietas," was completed in 1499. The second Pieta, "The Rondanini Pietà," was completed just before Michelangelo's death in 1564. Unlike the previous two Pietas, "The Deposition" featured a male figure, presumably Nicodemus, supporting Christ's body. Michelangelo smashed the sculpture, but his servant sold the pieces. The buyer hired Michelangelo's former protégé Calcagni to reconstruct the sculpture.