What Services Are Available for Watching New Movies on Streaming TV or DVD?


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Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, YouTube, Google Play, iTunes, and Vudu are all popular online services for streaming movies. These services allow movie fans to stream a variety of movies directly to their tablets, devices or home televisions, often at a fraction of the cost of physical DVDs.

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Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video are both subscription services that allow users to stream unlimited movies and television shows. As of 2015, memberships begin at $9 a month for Netflix and $8.25 a month for Prime Instant Video, which comes as a part of the Amazon Prime Bundle, along with free two-day shipping on Amazon.com orders.

YouTube, Google Play, iTunes and Vudu are all pay-per-view options for streaming movies. On top of its wide library of user-created content, YouTube also rents movies from $0.99 to $3.99 for two days. Google Play has a selection of new releases for $4, but can only be accessed on Android devices. Users can download iTunes as an app for most mobile devices and computers and access a large library of pay-per-view movies and television shows. Available on gaming systems, Macs and most set-top streaming boxes, Vudu is Walmart's movie streaming store, with rentals starting at $3.99.

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