What Services Allow You to Read Whole Books Online?

What Services Allow You to Read Whole Books Online?

Services such as ReadAnyBook.com, OpenLibrary.org, and FullBooks.com are online databases that allow users to read entire books. PagebyPageBooks.com and Gutenberg.org are other resources that offer free books online.

Read Any Book is a non-commercial site that allows users to read books and comment on them. The site includes titles such as "The World Until Yesterday" by Jared Diamond and "Metropolis" by Thea Harbou.

Open Library is an editable library catalog that is free to use. Its goal is to create a webpage for every book ever created. As of 2015, the site has more than 9,000,000 unique visitors and 89,000 books borrowed.

Full Books features thousands of full-text books available for free. Titles include "The Jacket (Star-Rover)" by Jack London, "The Mischief Maker by" E. Phillips Oppenheim and "The Parson's Daughter of Oxney Colne" by Anthony Trollope.

Page by Page Books is an online reading website that allows users to save their progress and bookmark pages. The website, like Project Gutenberg, features books that are in the public domain, so users are free to share the titles. The site allows users to search for books by author or by title. The site also allows users to download titles for offline reading.