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The young servant of Brutus is Lucius, who is treated by Brutus with tenderness, tolerance and understanding. Lucius appears in only three scenes in the play "Julius Caesar" by William Shakespeare. He first appears in Act II Scene I in the orchard of Brutus, then in Act II Scene IV when he is sent by Portia to the capital to find out what is going on and in the tent scene in Act IV Scene III where he is asked to play his musical instrument to help Brutus sleep.

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Based on how Brutus treats Lucius, it would be apparent that Lucius is young, perhaps a boy. Lucius is also depicted as someone who loves to sleep, according to the number of times Brutus laments how he is always fast asleep and not answering his call.

In the first scene where Lucius appears, it is through his dialogue where the audience is given the critical information that the "Ides of March" is coming. In the same scene, Lucius hands Brutus the letter that Cassius and his group have thrown away. On his second appearance, he is sent on an errand by Portia to gather some news and check on Brutus.

Finally, on his last appearance, Lucius is asked to play his musical instrument to calm down Brutus and help him get to sleep. Lucius once again falls asleep in the scene as the ghost of Caesar appears before Brutus.

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