What serial dramas appear on Farsi1 TV?


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Farsi1TV broadcasts a number of serial dramas, including ���Feriha,��� ���Ice Adonis,��� ���Kurt Seyit and Sura,��� ���Black Rose��� and ���Bones.��� The channel offers a mix of international dramas, including Korean, Turkish and American, dubbed in Farsi language.

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The Turkish drama, ���Feriha,��� tells the story about a young, aspirational girl named Feriha who lives in a luxurious neighborhood but comes from a poor family. Studying in a private university with a scholarship, she pretends to be rich fearing rejection from her popular peers. It is this lie that causes dilemmas in Feriha���s life.

The serial drama, ���Kurt Seyit and Sura,��� is based on a true love story between Lieutenant Kurt Seyin, a Turkish descendent and Sura, Russian girl from a noble family. Their relationship comes under the storm of a revolution taking place in Russia. The drama portrays the struggle faced by the couple who are compelled to go on a difficult journey to Istanbul, leaving behind a peaceful life in Russia.

The South Korean serial drama, ���Ice Adonis,��� is about a woman named Seo Yeon Hwa who seeks revenge from her step sister Yoo Ra for falsely accusing her of as a murderer. Yeon Hwa���s smooth life takes a serious tumble because of her step sister���s evil actions.

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