What Serial Dramas Appear on Farsi1 TV?

Farsi1TV broadcasts a number of serial dramas, including “Feriha,” “Ice Adonis,” “Kurt Seyit and Sura,” “Black Rose” and “Bones.” The channel offers a mix of international dramas, including Korean, Turkish and American, dubbed in Farsi language.

The Turkish drama, “Feriha,” tells the story about a young, aspirational girl named Feriha who lives in a luxurious neighborhood but comes from a poor family. Studying in a private university with a scholarship, she pretends to be rich fearing rejection from her popular peers. It is this lie that causes dilemmas in Feriha’s life.

The serial drama, “Kurt Seyit and Sura,” is based on a true love story between Lieutenant Kurt Seyin, a Turkish descendent and Sura, Russian girl from a noble family. Their relationship comes under the storm of a revolution taking place in Russia. The drama portrays the struggle faced by the couple who are compelled to go on a difficult journey to Istanbul, leaving behind a peaceful life in Russia.

The South Korean serial drama, “Ice Adonis,” is about a woman named Seo Yeon Hwa who seeks revenge from her step sister Yoo Ra for falsely accusing her of as a murderer. Yeon Hwa’s smooth life takes a serious tumble because of her step sister’s evil actions.