What Is the Sequence of the Jack Reacher Books?


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The first of Lee Child's Jack Reacher novels is entitled "Killing Floor" and was published in 1997, though the eighth and sixteenth books in the series both serve as prequels and are set before "Killing Floor."

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The second novel is entitled "Die Trying" and was published in 1998 while the third novel, "Tripwire," followed in 1999. The fourth novel was released in 2000, and is titled "Running Blind" in the United States and "The Visitor" in the United Kingdom. "Echo Burning" (2001), "Without Fail" (2002), and "Persuader" (2003) all followed in quick succession. The eighth novel, 2004's "The Enemy," functions as a prequel to the series and is set eight years prior to the events of "Killing Floor." The ninth novel, "One Shot," was released in 2005 and served as the basis for the 2012 Tom Cruise film "Jack Reacher." "The Hard Way" was released in 2006, followed by "Bad Luck and Trouble" (2007), "Nothing to Lose" (2008), and "Gone Tomorrow" (2009). 2010 saw a Jack Reacher double-feature, with "61 Hours" being released in March and "Worth Dying For" coming out in September. The sixteenth novel, "The Affair" (2011), is another prequel, this one set immediately before "Killing Floor." 2012 saw the publication of "A Wanted Man," the seventeenth novel in the series. "Never Go Back," released in 2013, is the basis of the upcoming second Jack Reacher movie. The nineteenth book, "Personal," was released in 2014, and the twentieth novel, "Make Me," is scheduled for publication in September 2015.

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