How Do You Send an Answer for KOMO's Question of the Day?

To send an answer for KOMO’s question of the day as of 2015, go to, scroll towards the bottom of the page, and click the Question Of The Day link on the left-hand side, under KOMO 4 TV. On the new page, enter the answer under Submit Your Answer.

Before submitting the answer to the question of the day, enter your name, email address and hometown into the provided fields. Type the answer into the message box located under Your Answer, and then click the Submit button. KOMO 4 TV reveals the answer to that particular question after the show.

On the KOMO News website, you can also view answers to previous questions of the day, and read the latest news making headlines across the region. To view answers to past questions, go to the right-hand side of the Submit Your Answer section, and then click on the Answers To Past Questions link located under Question Of The Day.

KOMO 4 TV began operations in 1953, and is the fourth-oldest television station operating in the Seattle-Tacoma region. It was originally formed as an affiliate of the National Broadcasting Company due to its long-term relationship with the NBC Radio Network. KOMO 4 TV is also the first television station in Seattle to broadcast a television signal.