How Do You Select the Best Seat at the Cotton Bowl Using the Seating Diagram?


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Select the best seat at the Cotton Bowl using the seating diagram by comparing the price of the seats with the distance from the field and the overall line of sight between the two. It is often helpful to use a diagram on a ticket sales site to gauge prices.

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One important factor to consider when attempting to pick the best seats at the Cotton Bowl is the event that you are attending and your specific needs during the event. For example, if you are purchasing tickets for a sporting event that you don't care for or that features teams with which you have no strong attachment, it may not be worthwhile to purchase tickets close to the field. However, if you have a significant investment in a game or the teams playing, it may be worth it to consider seats in the Lower 100 Level. Also take into account factors such as poor eyesight or lack or viewing aids, as these may also require seats close to the field.

Another factor to consider when choosing seats at the Cotton Bowl are the other fans in attendance. Many games feature designated areas for fans of visiting teams, which means you may not wish to sit in those areas if you are a fan of the home team. Also factor in the cost of the seats between different sites to create the most accurate picture.

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