How Do the As Seen on TV Space Bag Storage Bags Work?


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Space Bags work by eliminating the air out of lofty items in order to create more efficient storage. Users place items in the bag through the open end, then tightly close the bag using the dual zippers. A household vacuum attaches to an outside port, which removes the air inside.

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Users must ensure that the dual zipper system is locked fully, with no gaps in the seal. This keeps the bag from re-inflating during long-term storage. Users must also check that the vacuum port is correctly closed to ensure that no air leaks occur. Do not overfill the bags, as this reduces their effectiveness. The bags should be handled with care, as the nylon material is prone to tearing. If a rip occurs, the bag can be effectively repaired using clear packing tape over the leak.

Space Bags can be used to store items in closets and small spaces. They also keep contents from becoming damp or moldy over time. Space Bags can create up to three times the storage space. The results are most noticeable with items that contain a lot of internal air, such as pillows and comforters. In addition to bedding, Space Bags can also effectively store winter coats, clothes, towels and other soft material items.

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