How Do You See a Stadium Seat View From Home?

How Do You See a Stadium Seat View From Home?

Interactive seat view maps are widely available online from major ticketing companies, official stadium websites and dedicated seat view services, such as Seat view maps are free to browse prior to booking and are available for many major venues across the United States.

Interactive venue maps allows users to browse the seating plans of stadiums, arenas and theaters. These maps sometimes also offer a "seat view" feature, which provides point-of-view photographs from specific seats or sections in a venue. As ticket prices for events often vary between sections, seat view maps allow users to make more informed decisions before buying tickets to concerts, games and other live events.

Major ticketing websites such as Ticketmaster, and ticket marketplaces such as StubHub and SeatGeek, offer interactive seat view maps. At, users can zoom in to specific seats in a venue and hover over each one for a thumbnail image of the view from that seat. Similarly, StubHub's View From Section feature allows users to compare the views from different seating sections in more than 400 venues across the United States.

SeatGeek also provides seat view maps; however, seat view images on are user-submitted, and the service does not offer as comprehensive of a guide as other websites. is a seating review site that also relies on user-submitted images. A View From my Seat allows users to rate and comment on the views from their seats at live events.

Many major venues also offer interactive seat view maps on their official websites, including The Rose Bowl, The Staples Centre and The Palace of Auburn Hills.