What Are Some Security Services for Special Events?

Elite Investigations, Whelan Security and Pinkerton are some security services for special events. Kroll and Gold Security Guard Services also offer security services for special events.

Elite Investigations creates customized security programs for clients’ unique event needs. The company can provide security services for events of all sizes. It partners with clients to determine potential threats and devise strategies to meet them. The entity provides fully screened personnel who possess extensive experience in the area of special events security. Elite Investigations can provide security services for celebrity appearances, grand openings and fundraising dinners.

Whelan Security provides security services for special events, award shows and concerts. The company also provides event staffing, guest services and parking attendants for college sporting events and national fairs.

Pinkerton provides security services in various locations around the world. The company provides security for academic awards and large international sporting events annually. It works closely with clients to understand the details of major events.

Kroll organizes and implements security services for special events including sporting events and shareholder meetings. Kroll’s professionals examine the location on the ground to understand the risk profile of the venue. They also determine the need for additional support to facilitate security.

Gold Security Guard Services offers security services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The firm offers discounted rates for long-term contracts. The company provides security services for film productions, concerts and hotels.