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Sebastian Cabot was an English actor who was well-known for his role as Giles French on the television show "Family Affair." He had a distinctive voice, which won him roles in Disney films, including "The Jungle Book," "The Sword in the Stone" and various Winnie the Pooh tales.

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Sebastian Cabot was born in London in 1918, and died from a stroke in British Columbia in 1977. He worked as a mechanic, a chef and a chauffeur before becoming an actor. In the years leading up to World War II, he made a living as a professional wrestler, but an injury ended that career. During the war, he entertained the troops, and when the war ended, he began acting on the stage.

Cabot played the part of a traditional English butler on "Family Affair," which featured Brian Keith as an engineer who abruptly receives responsibility for his nephew and two nieces. Cabot initially hesitated to take the role because he didn't care for the writing or the character, but the show's producers offered him a very good salary, so he took the part. The show ran from 1966 to 1971 on the CBS network.

Sebastian Cabot applied his vocal skills to an album that featured the lyrics of Bob Dylan. After his role on "Family Affair" ended, he appeared on game shows and talk shows in an effort to escape the typecast the show created.

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