How Do You Find Seattle Weekend Events?

How Do You Find Seattle Weekend Events?

To find Seattle weekend events, visit an events listing website such as the calendar page on the official Seattle website, Visit Seattle or the Seattle Times. Scroll through listings or use search features to find specific events.

Several websites offer Seattle weekend event listings. The official website for the city of Seattle offers a weekend event listings page by date, which visitors can filter by keyword, event type, audience, neighborhood or location. Visit Seattle and the Seattle Times also offer similar listings. To find weekend events in Seattle using an event listings webpage, use the following steps.

  1. Find an event listing
  2. Choose a website that provides weekend event listings for the city.

  3. Search upcoming events
  4. Fill in the search form to search relevant upcoming events. Some websites such as the Seattle Times also allow visitors to browse available events by category and search for events by venue or date.

  5. Review events
  6. Scan through the upcoming events listed on the page.

  7. Filter results
  8. Use filters to get more specific results. Most listings allow visitors to filter events by date, location or type.

  9. Review event details
  10. Click on a specific event to see details such as venue information, event descriptions and links to event websites.