How Do You Search for Music Online If You Forgot the Title?


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Find a song without its title by using sites such as Song Lyrics, Midomi, AudioTag or WatZatSong. These sites all allow users to enter information about a song in order to find its artist and title.

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If you know any of the lyrics to a song, typing them into the Song Lyrics search bar is a quick way to find the song title. Using the site’s search feature, you can choose to search for results only within actual song lyrics using the Show Results feature on the right side of the page. Entering a short string of lyrics, particularly if they are distinct, pulls up any songs that contain those lyrics, allowing you to find a song even without knowing the title.

Other online services allow you to search for a song even if you don’t know any of the lyrics or where you originally heard it. On Midori, you can attempt to hum the song’s melody into your microphone and find a match. If you manage to get a brief recording of the song on your phone, you can upload the file to AudioTag, which can match the recording to a substantial database of songs. You can also upload the recording to WatZatSong, a community website that allows users to listen to uploaded clips and help other users identify songs.

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