Who Are Some Scrimshaw Artists?


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Modern scrimshaw artists include Jason R. Webb, Jeff Fozard, Darrel Morris, Sandra Brady and Tina White. Although historically scrimshaw artists have carved ivory, modern scrimshaw artists work on eco-friendly materials, as well as on pre-ban ivory and mammoth ivory. Modern scrimshaw art is a continuation of the art practiced by sailors on whaling ships over the last several centuries, in which they carved designs on whalebone.

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Who Are Some Scrimshaw Artists?
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Jason Webb began as a pen-and-ink artist and transferred his skills to scrimshaw; he works mainly on antique piano keys. Jeff Fozard began working on powder horns as a hobby, and then graduated to working on mammoth ivory. Darrel Morris focuses his scrimshaw art on the grandeur of the human body.

Sandra Brady has been a scrimshaw artist for over 30 years; her artwork focuses mainly on jewelry, knives and gun grips. Tina White began creating scrimshaw in 2003; she focuses mainly on portraits and works mainly on mammoth ivory and synthetic cue balls.

Modern scrimshaw artists are able to create artworks that in some ways outshine the original scrimshaw done by whalers, due to the advantages modern artists enjoy in terms of lighting and instruments. Because whaling and ivory imports are banned, scrimshaw artists today are more likely to work on synthetic materials or fossilized ivory.

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