How Do You Schedule a Swap Meet?

To schedule a swap meet, determine the ground rules for the swap meet, screen the people interested in providing goods for the meet, and determine a date for the event. Find and secure a location for the meet that easily accommodates the number of tables needed. Advertise for the event beginning a month in advance. Before the meet, gather the other sellers, and set up the tables in the space.

Swap meets are a place for collector transactions or local goods transactions and serve as an alternative to garage sales. Setting up rules and guidelines for the meet is important, such as whether sales are allowed or whether participants are allowed a specific number of goods. Write out the rules, and provide them to each participant far in advance of the event.

When advertising the event, include any relevant rules the public needs to follow. Post signs or fliers in approved local shopping centers or community centers. Use online forums, social media and local newspapers to spread word of the event.

When setting up the location, post the rules in a place where all participants have access to them. Arrive an hour before the event to set up the items, greet the participants, answer questions and assign tables. Decide whether to include a table for items that do not sell or swap during the event. Donate any remaining items, or store them for a future swap meet.