Where Is the Schedule for PBS Kids Programs?


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PBS Kids programming varies based on region, which means that different areas show different shows at different times. The schedule for PBS Kids programming can be found on the PBS website, as well as local broadcast programming aggregate sites such as LocateTV.

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PBS Kids features a variety of educational and age-appropriate programming geared towards children. Many of the shows, such as "Curious George" and "Wild Kratts," contain themes and stories designed to help developing children learn about various aspects of the world. The programming combines educational content with entertaining visuals, story lines and characters to help with the retention of information. The programming airs primarily during the day and early afternoon, when young children are home or just returning from school.

PBS Kids is part of the PBS broadcast television program distributor, which means that it works in conjunction with over 300 television networks to share publicly funded television shows and specials. Unlike other television networks, which own the majority of the content its broadcasts and operate on a for-profit bases, PBS was created to share different kinds of artistic and educational programming without the express goal of making money. As a result, PBS relies on donations and contributions from viewers, charitable organizations and government funding to cover operating costs.

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