What Are Some Scary Stories to Tell at Night?


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A selection of spooky tales to tell in the dark is available at ScaryForKids.com. The stories include "The Thing," "The Scarecrow" and "The Red Spot." "The Thing" is based on a Nova Scotian folk tale about two boys who encounter a strange creature in a cornfield. "The Scarecrow" is about a hideous scarecrow that comes to life after two men destroy it. "The Red Spot" is about a young girl who develops a mysterious mark on her face.

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A series of classic campfire stories is also available at About.com. "The Licked Hand" is the tale of a girl who finds out that what she thought was her dog licking her hand is actually a person. "Who's That Hiding in the Back Seat?" is the story of a woman who discovers a murderer hiding in her car while she drives home alone. "Some Things Are Better Left Unseen" is about a college girl who is murdered while her roommate is at a party.

When you tell scary stories at night, hold a flashlight under your face to create suspense. Try to maintain a serious face, and look people in the eyes as you speak. Try to give an evil smile as opposed to a happy one if you find something funny, and decide on the story you wish to tell before you begin.

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