What Are Some Scary Stories for Kids?


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Scary stories for kids include "The Hook-Hand Killer," "The Choking Doberman" and "The Pink Jellybean." These classic stories offer mild scares appropriate for children and teens, featuring endings in which nothing especially bad happens to the main characters.

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What Are Some Scary Stories for Kids?
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"The Hook-Hand Killer" is the iconic tale of a young couple out on a date at a desolate lover's lane. A radio bulletin about an escaped killer wielding a hook for a hand frightens the couple into leaving the spot. Upon returning home, they find the killer's hook hanging from their car door. "The Choking Doberman" centers on a married couple who return home to find their dog choking on something. The couple rush their dog to the vet but receive a panicked call from the veterinarian when they return home. The dog is choking on a human finger, implying that the intruder is likely still inside the house. For younger readers, the story can end with the police entering the home and catching the intruder, while older kids might enjoy an ending in which no help comes.

"The Pink Jellybean" is a fun story that's perfect for younger kids. The teller sets the scene by describing a lone, dark house at the end of a long, dark road. Inside the spooky house is a long, dark hallway with a single, dark door at the end. Inside a dark chest within the room, there is… a pink jellybean. Young children love the story's twist ending.

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