Who Sang Gospel Songs With Jimmy Swaggart?

Tenors Robin Herd and Randy Knaps, who are singers of the Family Worship Center of the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, sang gospel songs with Reverend Jimmy Swaggart. The ministry's TV network, SonLife Broadcasting Network, broadcasts their musical performances, and the ministry's music is also available for purchase at its website.

The Jimmy Swaggart Ministries website claims that its Family Worship Center singers are among the finest gospel singers in the world, having garnered several Dove and Grammy Award nominations. Herd and Swaggart recorded the audio CD, "SonLife Radio - Restoration," live in 2003 while Knaps recorded "The Love of Jesus" album with Swaggart. The Family Worship Center choir also recorded with Swaggart the Christmas album "Jimmy Swaggart: The First Noel, A Family Worship Center Christmas Experience."