What Are Some Samples of Superhero Sketches?


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Max Silveira's Spider-Man, Dustin Cinnamon's Scarlet Witch and Lucas Knauss' Quicksilver sketches are three samples of superhero sketches. All three drawings are available on ArtStation.

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Titled "The Superior Spider-Man," Silveira's drawing features a thoughtful Spider-Man sitting in front of an abstract cityscape. Although the sketch is primarily in black and white, the artist adds emphasis to the shoes, torso and the mask of the character by coloring them in bright red. The tight suit of the Spider-Man adds black and white contrast through muscle definition.

Drawn on 9-by-12 inch paper with a pencil, Cinnamon's Scarlet Witch sketch features clean lines and smooth shading. With both her hands up, the Scarlet Witch is casting a spell. She wears a long cape, a tight suit and a face mask. Although the sketch is in black and white, the shading suggests latex and plastic materials for the clothing.

Seen sprinting, Knauss' Quicksilver has a cartoonish look with enlarged hands, a large head and an exaggerated pose. In addition to the determined look on his face, the character has a muscular body and long hair. The sketch features very little shading and mainly consists of lines. Despite the motion, only the hair is blurry.

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