What Are Some Sample Story Plots?


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Some sample story plots include “Overcoming the Monster,” a hero battling a bad guy; “Rags to Riches,” success and crisis; “The Quest,” seeking and finding; and “Voyage and Return,” boldly exploring. There are seven basic story plots, according to Christopher Booker.

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Booker’s other plots include “Comedy,” from confusion to enlightenment; “Tragedy,” the price of fatal flaws and “Rebirth,” finding one’s personal light.

Norman Friedman outlines 14 plots divided into three groups. The Plots of Fortune group involves changes in the protagonist’s circumstances and include action, pathetic, tragic, punitive, sentimental and admiration plots. Plots of Character involve a change in the protagonist’s moral character and include plots of maturing, reform, testing and degeneration plots. Plots of Thought focus on the protagonist’s thoughts and feelings, and include plots of education, revelation, affective plots and plots of disillusionment.

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