What are some sample story plots?


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Some sample story plots include ���Overcoming the Monster,��� a hero battling a bad guy; ���Rags to Riches,��� success and crisis; ���The Quest,��� seeking and finding; and ���Voyage and Return,��� boldly exploring. There are seven basic story plots, according to Christopher Booker.

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Booker���s other plots include ���Comedy,��� from confusion to enlightenment; ���Tragedy,��� the price of fatal flaws and ���Rebirth,��� finding one���s personal light.

Norman Friedman outlines 14 plots divided into three groups. The Plots of Fortune group involves changes in the protagonist���s circumstances and include action, pathetic, tragic, punitive, sentimental and admiration plots. Plots of Character involve a change in the protagonist���s moral character and include plots of maturing, reform, testing and degeneration plots. Plots of Thought focus on the protagonist���s thoughts and feelings, and include plots of education, revelation, affective plots and plots of disillusionment.

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