For What Is Salvador Dali Famous?


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Salvador Dali gained the most fame for his painting of melting clocks, which is named "The Persistence of Memory." The Spanish painter also earned fame for the rest of his paintings.

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The Spanish painter Salvador Dali lived from 1904-1989. During this time, he established himself as one of the greatest surrealist artists. At an early age, Dali displayed his talent for art and his parents responding by building him an art studio. They also sent him to art school.

In 1923, Dali was suspended from art school for starting a riot regarding the choice of teachers in the school. He returned 3 years later, only to be expelled for criticizing the teachers once again. Afterwards, he spent a great deal of time in Paris under the influence of other great artists, such as Pablo Picasso. In 1929, he began to combine his learning and talent to paint in the surrealist style.

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