What Is SafeShare.tv?

SafeShare.tv is an online video service that gets rid of advertisements, related videos, inappropriate comments and junk from YouTube videos. The user is required to copy the original YouTube video link and paste it into the search box of SafeShare.tv, where it is then processed as a new video.

After pasting the YouTube video link into the search box, the user clicks the Generate Safe Link button. This creates the Take Me To The Safe View link, where the new video is located. To share the video, the user clicks on the Share/Save button located at the bottom right hand side of the screen. On the new page, the user can select the social media platform to share the video, add a description and then click the Share button.

This online video tool is mostly used by schools that allow teachers or students to access YouTube videos for academic research. The new video can be posted on a new webpage for students without violating YouTube?s terms of service.

Users can customize the video by changing the title or background theme and disabling the sharing button. They can also set a new beginning and ending points in the new video if they do not want to play the full length.