What Is "Where's Waldo's" Girlfriend's Name?

Waldo, star of the popular "Where's Waldo?" book series, dates a woman named Wenda. She also shares his taste for red and white striped attire.

In 1987, British illustrator Martin Handford created Waldo, cartoon star of the wildly popular "Where's Waldo?" books. In the book series, Waldo travels the world, getting lost amongst within the masses of crowds. Readers accept the challenge to find Waldo amongst the crowd.

In 1991, Waldo found love when Wenda first appeared in "Where's Waldo: The Magnificent Poster Book". Also making a one-time appearance in the book was Wilma, Wenda's twin sister, who has not been included in any additional books. Wenda is portrayed as a photographer, who commonly loses her camera.