What's a Good Way to Watch Episodes of "Mprousko?"?

What's a Good Way to Watch Episodes of "Mprousko?"?

A good way to watch episodes of "Mprousko" is online. "Mprousko" streams all episodes of the show directly from its website, which offers an archive of all seasons it has produced.

IMDb states the series is produced by Make It Productions based out of Cyprus. "Mprousko" (English spelling "Brousko") is a romantic drama based in modern Athens.

Originally released in September 2013, "Mprousko" stars Apostolis Totsikas as Sifis Giannakakis, Eleni Vaitsou as Melina Giannakaki and Varvara Larmou as Anastasia Giannakaki in some of the recurring main roles spanning multiple seasons.

TV Greek notes the dramatic series, which explores pain, jealousy and true love, does well to capture the culture of Greek Cypriots. Its central theme is to show how love can conquer all obstacles as it follows a cast of characters whose lives continually intertwine with one another.

As for the quality of the show, TV Greek says the show stands out with its faultless acting cast and excellent production quality. They also note it is a rarity among Greek shows due to its large production budget.

IMDb notes that this isn't the first series from Make It Productions, as they're also credited with the dramas "Vals me 12 Theous" and "Aspra Balonia." For further information, TV Greek also has an episode-by-episode guide for "Mprousko," which follows the story over several seasons.